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Baguettes, Boules, and Bâtards

     After a relaxing three day weekend, I was ready to get back to school and into the kitchen.  Today was particularly exciting because it was our first full day in the kitchen, during which we would be producing products.  Even more exciting was that our dough preparation was to be done by hand, no dough hooks or mixers!

     First we prepped a single batch of lean dough. Lean dough is comprised of the four basic elements of bread: flour, yeast, water and salt. Lean doughs also have little or no fat content.  I don’t have any photos of these steps, as we were all elbow deep in sticky dough.  We then prepped an additional half a batch of lean dough that will be used tomorrow as a pâte fermentée .  Pâte Fermentée is a batch of dough that is prepped ahead of time and allowed to ferment.  The long fermentation is beneficial for developing and enhancing bread flavors.

     After fermenting and folding the dough, we sectioned it into the proper weights for each loaf.  Baguettes were sectioned into 12 oz, portions while the boules and bâtards were sectioned into 1 lb portions.  We roughly shaped them, bench rested them, and then did the final shaping of the dough.  Our chef instructor showed us a great clip of Julia Child forming baguettes which was informative, and even more entertaining!


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